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84 Kroniks répondent à votre recherche... Historique des albums de la semaine

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The Wreck of You


"The Wreck of You "

Live at the Greek Theatre

Flogging Molly

"Live at the Greek Theatre"


Flogging Molly





Until the Morning Comes

Flying Donuts

"Until the Morning Comes"


For The Fallen Dreams


Musica De Los Muertos

Force, The

"Musica De Los Muertos"

What Matters Most

Forever Came Calling

"What Matters Most"

Restless In The Tides

Forever in Terror

"Restless In The Tides"

Camera Silens

Forty Shades

"Camera Silens"

When The Smoke Clears


"When The Smoke Clears"

A New Day

Four Letter Lie

"A New Day"

Enemy Of The World

Four Year Strong

"Enemy Of The World"

In Halflight Our Soul Glows

Fourteen Twentysix

"In Halflight Our Soul Glows"

Introducing Foxy

Foxy Shazam

"Introducing Foxy "




Forever Malcolm Young

Frenzal Rhomb

"Forever Malcolm Young"

Temple Of Daevas

From The Vastland

"Temple Of Daevas"

There Will Be No Miracles Here


"There Will Be No Miracles Here"

Between Ghosts And Shadows


"Between Ghosts And Shadows"

Disgorge Mexico

Fuck The Facts

"Disgorge Mexico"

Couple Tracks

Fucked Up

"Couple Tracks"

David Comes To Life

Fucked Up

"David Comes To Life"

Avant 93:43


"Avant 93:43"

Heavy Lies The Crown

Full Blown Chaos

"Heavy Lies The Crown"

Within The Grasp Of Titans

Full Blown Chaos

"Within The Grasp Of Titans"

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Kroniks DVD

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Facedown Fest


Date de sortie : 2004

Note : 4/5

Disgorge Mexico - The DVD

Fuck The Facts

"Disgorge Mexico - The DVD"

Date de sortie : 2010

Note : 5/5 Raised Fist

Raised Fist

From The North

Face the Front

Face the Front

Modern Values

Living Fields, The

Living Fields, The

Running Out Of Daylight


Hateful Monday

Total des votes : 463

One Ok Rock

Total des votes : 375


Total des votes : 208

Winds Of Plague

Total des votes : 161

One Last Chance

Total des votes : 151


Total des votes : 136


Total des votes : 119


Total des votes : 118


Total des votes : 97


Total des votes : 92

A Thousand Years Slavery

Total des votes : 90

All Shall Perish

Total des votes : 87

Todos Destinos

Total des votes : 85


Total des votes : 84

A Day To Remember

Total des votes : 80


Total des votes : 80

Requiem For Sirens

Total des votes : 72

Total : 15272 votes sur les kroniks



Total des commentaires : 77

Within Walls

Total des commentaires : 61


Total des commentaires : 57

Requiem For Sirens

Total des commentaires : 37

Morbid Angel

Total des commentaires : 31

A Thousand Years Slavery

Total des commentaires : 22

Winds Of Plague

Total des commentaires : 21

Dot Dot Curve :)

Total des commentaires : 20

A Day To Remember

Total des commentaires : 19


Total des commentaires : 19

Total : 2319 commentaires