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Tour Dates / Grindshop News / Out Now!

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bones brigade records
Skartnak addict

Inscrit le: 13 Nov 2009
Messages: 68

MessagePosté le: Mer 16 Fév 2011 17:39    Sujet du message: Tour Dates / Grindshop News / Out Now! Répondre en citant

The following list are the last records we received for the distro, all articles are available on our grind-shop:
You can contact us for any questions, reservations, post cost…

Paypal accepted.

Reservation: ++ (0)3 21 86 72 91

Compact Disc

New album, back in stock, sonic violence and best grind-ears aggression ever! 10 Euros

AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED “Altered States of America” Double-CD (U.S.)
100 songs Grinding Madness + Bonus Cd with the AnBrxII Version, Picture 3”CD, A Real Masterpiece!! 15 Euros

ANAL CUNT “Morbid Florist” MCD (U.S.)
Grinding Noisy or Noisy Grind Madness! Your choice but a Real Classic for sure! 7 Euros

APARTMENT 213 “Cleveland Power Violence” CD (U.S.)
Everything is in the title…! 10 Euros

BLOOD DUSTER “Fisting the Dead” CD (Australia)
This is the Best! First Album Repress + “Yeest” Mcd + 1 comp. track + a live show! 10 Euros

BLOOD DUSTER “Cunt” CD (Australia) Ultimate Repress + 1 Bonus Track.
Rot’n’Grind! Brutal and without compromises! 10 Euros

BONGZILLA “Stash” + Methods for attaining extreme altitudes” CD (U.S.)
Remastered, repackaged, reissue of BONGZILLA's first full-length album and EP, Doom Sludge Ultra Deep Experience! 10 Euros

BONGZILLA “Amerijuanican” CD (U.S.)
Amerijuanican will leave you in a smoky trance, Sludgy Doom! 10 Euros

BRUTAL TRUTH “For drug crazed Grindfreaks only!” CD (U.S.)
Live at Noctum Studio + 1, Recorded live in studio in New Zealand. 10 Euros

CEPHALIC CARNAGE “Exploiting Dysfunction” CD (U.S.)
Album full with 15 Bombs of Schizo Grind! 10 Euros

Uncontrolled, unusual and uncompromising Grindcore album. 10 Euros

Push to the extremity with their ferocious Death / Grind’s Xenosapien Album! 10 Euros

COCK AND BALL TORTURE Tribute “Bulldozers United” Double-CD Digipack
49 bands, 49 tracks!!! In the Gore Groovy Grind Tradition with bands like: Satan’s Revenge on Mankind, Rectal Smegma, Namek, Mucupurulent, Hog Caller etc… 25 Euros

COMMON ENEMY “Thrashing under the influence” CD (U.S.)
Old School Fast Hardcore Thrash! 10 Euros

COMMON ENEMY “Living the Dream?” CD (U.S)
Skate Boarding and Thrash!! For Fans of old Suicidal Tendencies!! 10 Euros

COUGH “Ritual Abuse” CD (U.S.)
Massive Psychedelic Doom with Sludgy Touch, Excellent! 10 Euros

CRIMINAL ELEMENT « Crime and Punishment II » CD (U.S)
Tha part 2 with Total Brutality songs, cover of Iron Maiden, Slayer & Celtic Frost, Feat. Ex-Members of Dying Fetus and Misery Index. 10 Euros

CRIPPLE BASTARDS “Frammenti di vita” CD (Ita)
New CD with cover songs by bands thay are influenced by, Hardcore, Crossover etc… with cover of Bulldozer, Schizo, Necrodeath, Raw Power etc… 10 Euros

CRIPPLE BASTARDS “Age of Vandalism” (1987-1993) BoxSet Deluxe (Ita)
4 CD – 1036 songs, Huge Booklet, a Pure piece of Collection & C.B. History! 35 Euros

DIMINISHED “Rectal Torment” CD (U.S.)
Brutal Guttural Death Metal, Amazing 2nd Album! 10 Euros

DISGUST “War Deterrent” CD (Jap)
Crusty Raging Grindcore, Back in stock. 10 Euros

DIRUPT “Unrest” CD (U.S)
Classic Crust Grind Album! Can’t live without that album in your collection. 10 Euros

DYING FETUS “Purification Through Violence” Digipack (U.S.)
Classic Album Repress with Demo and Live tracks as bonus! 10 Euros

DYING FETUS “Stop At Nothing” CD (U.S.)
Master Killah Brutal Death! Back in Stock. 10 Euros

DYING FETUS “War of Attrition” CD (U.S.)
8 Songs of Explosive Brutal Death! A Real Kill-Dream-Team!! 10 Euros

DYING FETUS “Descend into Depravity” CD (U.S.)
New Album, Back in stock! Killing Brutal Death Violence! 10 Euros

Old School Grind in the vein of Insect Warfare old Napalm Death… / For Carcass fans of the 2 first albums period. 10 Euros

EXIT-13 “High Life!” Double-CD (U.S.)
Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth, Human Remains members! The complete Stoned Grind Collection! 46 Tracks! 15 Euros

EXTIRPATING THE INFECTED “Beheading the Dead” CD (Spa)
New Album , More Groovy than the MCD; Brutal Death Sickness! 10 Euros

GADGET “Remote” CD (Swe)
Swedish grindcore sensation, smashing sounds & fast! 10 Euros

GADGET “The Funeral March” CD (Swe)
17 blistering Grindcore tracks. 10 Euros

GENGHIS TRON “Board up the house” CD (U.S.)
Rapid-fire electro/grind!! Back in stock. 10 Euros

GRIND BASTARDS Compilation CD Vol.4
With: Unholy Grave, Total Fucking Destruction, Little Bastards, Mortalized etc… 27 Exclusive Trax!!! 8 Euros

Back in stock, Tracks from Sold out’s EP / Re-recorded & Mixed “Children ov the king”EP, Gore Grind Splattering Meeting!! 10 Euros

Spanish Gore Master back with “Grume” Repress + Bonus, Live and Demo Tracks!! 10 Euros

HEMDALE “Rad Jackson” CD (U.S.)
Gory Grind Masterpiece. Complete Discography, 37 tracks from split Cd, 7”, demo. 10 Euros

Newest album, Back in Stock with Inhume, Cliteater member! Gory Massive Death/Grind 10 Euros

KILL THE CLIENT “Set for Extinction” CD (US)
New Album, 19 Tracks, Grindcore with a Swedish touch, Pure Blasting Violence!! 10 Euros

Their last effort so far!!! Pure Grinding revolt!!! One of the Best Spanish bands with Nashgul, DisHammer etc… 10 Euros

MASS GRAVE “5 Years of Grinding Crust Core” CD (Can)
35 Tracks of Pure Blasting Non-Stop Power Crust Grind!!! 10 Euros

MISERY INDEX “Discordia” CD (U.S.)
Punishing Death Metal / Grind Album! Blasting and Pure Fury! 10 Euros

MISERY INDEX “Traitors” CD (U.S.)
11 songs of Pure Ultra Fast & Brutal Death!! Awesome Album! 10 Euros

MUMAKIL “Behold the Failure” CD (Ch)
Massive Grind Production! Ultra Blast in your face! 10 Euros

NASUM “Inhale/Ehale” CD (Swe)
Classic Mega Blasting Grindcore Album, A Must! 10 Euros

NASUM “Helvete” CD (Swe)
May be the Most Technical Grind Album of their Discography, Clear sound! 10 Euros

NASUM “Grind Finale” Double-CD (Swe)
152 Tracks of Grind for a completre Discography, 7”, Split, mcd etc… 15 Euros

NOISEAR “Subvert the Dominant Paradism” CD (U.S.)
Hyper Technically Grind Insanity!! With member of Phobia and Kill the Client. 10 Euros

PHOBIA “Unrelenting” CD (U.S.)
NEW! Ultra Speed, No compropises, Pure Pissed-off Grindcore! Not for the Fakes! 10 Euros

PIG DESTROYER “38 counts of Battery” CD (U.S.)
Extreme Grindcore! The Killing Fast Machine with 38 bullets right in your face! 10 Euros

PIG DESTROYER “Prowler in the Yard” CD (U.S.)
Insane musical Grind attack, Back in stock! 10 Euros

PIG DESTROYER “Terrifyer” CD + DVD (U.S.)
Deranged, vicious Grind attack + 37 minutes audio DVD track Natasha. 15 Euros

PIG DESTROYER “Phantom Limb” CD (U.S.)
Violent Grindcore experience !! A Must !! 10 Euros

PURULENT EXCRETOR “Too drunk to drink”CD-R (Fra)
New Album! 56 Tracks of Brutal GrindcoreGore!! For Fans of Infected Pussy, Gronibard etc… Tons of funny intros. 5 Euros

RAMON ZARATE “s/t” Digipack (Bel)
1st Album, Stoner Down Tempo with great influences. 10 Euros

RAMON ZARATE “Oyster” Digipack (Bel)
New & 2nd Album! Rock Stoner with Doom Touch! Rock’n’roll energy (Motorhead) & slow dark feeling!! 10 Euros

REGURGITATE “Carnivorous Erection” CD (Swe)
Back in stock, 38 songs of Gore Blasting Insanity!! 10 Euros

REGURGITATE “Sickening Bliss” CD (Swe)
One the their Best Album of Gore Blasting Grind ever!! A Must! 10 Euros

REPULSION “Horrified” Double-CD (U.S.)
Discography: “Horrified” Album + Rarities, demos, live & EP! Grind Classic! 15 Euros

REST IN GORE “Culinary Buffet of Hacked Innards” CD (Jap)
Rest in Gore’s Groovy masters are back! Awesome New Album, A Must of Brutal Slamming Death Metal! 10 Euros

ROTTEN SOUND “Murderworks” CD (Fin)
Re-issue of the this Killer Album, Pure Grind with 3 bonus Video Tracks. 10 Euros

Back in stock, for the fans of Carcass, in the pure Gore Grind tradition! 10 Euros

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN “Under the Running Board” MCD (U.S.)
One of the best Brutal Technical Math-Grinding Hardcore Tracks ever!!! 7 Euros

THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN “Calculating Infinity” CD (U.S.)
Math-Brutal Grinding Tortured Hardcore, A Must!!! 10 Euros

TOXIC HOLOCAUST “Hell on Earth” CD (U.S.)
Primitive Thrash Metal Album, from 2004 and already cult. 10 Euros

TOXIC HOLOCAUST “An Overdose of Death” CD (U.S.)
kick ass Thrash Metal! 10 Euros

UNHOLY GRAVE “Terroraging Crisis” CD (Jap)
Remastered album from 2005!! Pure JapGrindcore!! Back in stock 10 Euros

UPHILL BATTLE “Blurred 1999 – 2004” CD (U.S.)
Blurred is a fast and furious Grind collection of rare and never before released. 10 Euros

For fans of Discordance Axis' harsh take on grindcore!! 10 Euros

UPHILL BATTLE “Wrech of Nerves” CD (U.S.)
Fusing a triple vocal attack, Grinding Technical Hardcore. 10 Euros

Ultra Brutal Death Split, 6 New Brutal Attacks with Darkness and Slamming parts. 10 Euros

Pure Gore Grind here!! With Groovy touch, 30 Tracks of Gore Sickness! 10 Euros

WEHRMACHT “Shark Attack” Digipack DeLuxe (U.S.)
Repress first debut Album, Ultimate Thrash + Bonus Tracks (Demo 1985) 10 Euros

WEHRMACHT “Biermacht” Digipack DeLuxe (U.S.)
Second Cult Album Repress, Crossover/Thrash!!! + Demo ’86 & Live as Bonus! 10 Euros

12” LP & 10”

COMMON ENEMY “Living the Dream?” LP (U.S)
Skate Boarding and Thrash!! For Fans of old Suicidal Tendencies!! 10 Euros

DEFECATION “Purity Dilution” Gatefold LP (Uk/Us)
Grind Classic Repress! 1989’s Album, with member of Napalm Death, Unseen Terror, Extreme Noise Terror, Righteous Pigs etc… 12 Euros

GADGET / PHOBIA Gatefold LP (Swe/us)
The newest ultra fast and violent songs from both bands. 12 Euros

INSULT “Emobashing Fastcore Pimps” LP (Nl)
Grinding Thrash Violence!!! For the fans of Infest!! Limited Version to 100 copies. Blue vinyl and with handmade cover from the band members themself. Handnumbered 12 Euros

Tracks taken from the split with Kontraattaque, Limited to 500 copies, no repress!! 12 Euros

NOISEAR “Subvert the Dominant Paradism” LP (U.S.)
NEW Album, Hyper Technically Grind Insanity!! Limited Edition Colored Vinyl, With member of Phobia and Kill the Client. 12 Euros

PHOBIA “Unrelenting” LP (U.S.)
NEW! Ultra Speed, No compropises, Pure Pissed-off Grindcore! Not for the Fakes! Limited Edition Colored Vinyl! 12 Euros

RATOS DE PORAO “Descanse em Paz” Gatefold LP (Bra)
Repress on Vinyl of an album of ’86, + Lyrics and Bonus Trax live! Class!! 12 Euros

RIGHTEOUS PIGS “Stress Related” Gatefold LP (Uk/Us)
Grind Classic, 1990 Cult Album Repress, with member of Napalm Death, Defecation, Mule Skinner… 12 Euros

EP – 7”

AGGRESSIVE FORCE / COMMON ENEMY “Party on!” Split 7” (us/us)
Skating Fast Hardcore Thrash split!! Limited to 500 copies, Hand Numbered. 4 Euros

AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED / A.N.S. “Tribute to Gang Green” Split 5” (us/us)
Cover of Gang Green in their own way!! Limited! 5 Euros

Purple Colored Vinyl, Grind Intensity & Great cover art! 5 Euros

Limited split 7”, the vinyl version of the split mcd on Bones Brigade Records. 5 Euros

SMG / REPULSIONE Split 7” (Mal/Ita)
Grindcore / Raging Fast & Grind! 4 Euros

WACO JESUS “ Waco Jesus Tour 7” “ EP (U.S.)
Limited EP Tour numbered! Brutal Death. 4 Euros

T-Shirt / Merchandise

HATED SURGE TS (European XL or U.S. L / Medium)
Front: Cover design from the cd collection. 1 side. 10 Euros


Yes! Bones Brigade Records will be on this following tour:


CD and LP of the New Total Fu*king Destruction "Hater"
Limited LP to 300 copies. Blue Vinyl

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